Our Team

For urgent inquiries, call 608-310-6748.

To streamline non-urgent services, contact Denise Williamson at 608-310-6739 (office).

Feel free to contact the DrJ team members listed below or use our contact form.

Larry Wainright
Vice President, Technical Services
email Larry

John Fredrick
email John

Angie Protexter
QC Manager
email Angie

Denise Williamson
Scheduling and Sales Support
email Denise

Matt Tanger
Technical Writer
email Matt

Ryan Dexter, P.E.
Vice President
email Ryan

Kevin Kutschenreuter
Technical Writer
email Kevin

Kara Meverden
Customer Support Manager
email Kara

Jim Vogt, P.E.
Vice President
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Engineering Services

DrJ provides engineering and related services specializing in light-frame construction.

Product Certification

DrJ is an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited product certification body through ANSI Accreditation Services. 

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Learn more about DrJ and let us know how we can help with innovative products, processes and services. Knowledge, sound design and good installation always lead to success!

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